Fans Fighting Cancer

What is Fans Fighting Cancer?

Fans FC is a programme that supports people directly or indirectly affected by cancer or other long-term illnesses. Fans FC is run in partnership with Westfield Health.

The programme aims to provide free physical activity and social opportunities to help support people’s social wellbeing, physical and mental health. We currently have a variety of physical and social wellbeing activities, both online and face to face, strategically delivered in various locations across the city (see timetable below).

Who is it For?

Anyone aged 16+ can join in the programme.

Where and When is it?

How Can I Get Involved?

Feel free to turn up to any session to sign up or for more information please contact Beth Wragg at or 07949 375726. Alternatively, if you’d like to sign up before attending a session or you have a referral, you can do this at the top of the page.

Meet the Team

Beth Wragg – Health and Wellbeing Manager

Amber Stott – Health Officer

Tom Fogg – Delivery Lead

Destiny Hextall – Delivery Lead

Emily Keenan – Delivery Lead

Find Out More

For more information about Fans FC please contact