Empower LGBT+

What is Empower LGBT+?

Empower LGBT+ is supported by the Premier League and Professional Footballer’s Association. Administered through the Premier League Charitable Fund, the funding helps football clubs to tackle inequality and respond to local challenges, supporting people and their communities to be more inclusive.

The aim of the programme is for our LGBT+ community to be more active and feel stronger and more confident in their ability to succeed in sport and physical activity. The programme also aims to eliminate LGBT+ discrimination and help LGBT+ people feel they belong in Sheffield.

Who is it For?

The main beneficiary group for this project are LGBT+ young people aged 11-25 who live in Sheffield. Allies of the LGBT+ are also encouraged to get involved.

How Can I Get Involved?

Turn up to a session or contact Ellie Wilson at ellie.wilson@sufc-community.co.uk / 07908 690650 for more information. You can also register via the button at the top of the page.

Meet the Team

Ellie Wilson – Empower Projects Coordinator

Leads the delivery of Empower sessions in schools and the community.

Naomi Hartley – Empower LGBT+ Lead

Leads the delivery of Empower LGBT+ sessions in schools and the community.

Find Out More

For more information about our Empower LGBT+ project please contact Ellie at