Street Soccer

What is Street Soccer?

The Street Soccer Academy is viewed as the leading football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England, providing a learning and development opportunity for 17–25 year-olds.

Participants will study a variety of different skills such as diet, mindset, healthy lifestyle, sports coaching. The course comprises both classroom and practical, sport-based learning and features various skills boosters that will prepare you for employment.

Most skills boosters are done through interactive learning platforms in a variety of formats. These include posters, group tasks/discussions, mock interviews, coaching and fun activities.

This is a ten-week programme ran twice throughout the year, once in autumn to winter and in spring to summer.

Who is it For?

People aged 17-25.

How Can I Get Involved?

To refer a young person to our Street Soccer Academy please visit

For more information please contact Joe Simpson at or Connor Murphy at

Meet the Team

Joe Simpson – Employability Officer

Connor Murphy – ​Employability Assistant

Find Out More

For more information about our Street Soccer Academy, please contact Joe at