Premier League Inspires

What is Premier League Inspires?

Premier League Inspires is a personal development programme, funded by the Premier League and Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) through the Premier League Charitable Fund.

The programme uses the power of football to inspire young people aged 11-to-18 to develop the personal skills and positive attitudes needed to succeed in life.

Premier League Inspires works with young people aged between 11-18 in educational settings and uses unique characteristics of our professional club staff, along with learning and experience from a number of other educational programmes, to positively affect change those most in need.

The programme recognises that young people today face a variety of challenges, with more than ever experiencing mental health issues. Teachers in secondary schools and the education sector face multiple pressures and each school has differing priorities, including in approach to pastoral care, behaviour management and emotional support. This is where we can help.

Who is it For?

Children and young people aged 11-18.

How Can My School Get involved?

Please contact Joe Simpson at or 07496 931528.

Meet the Team

Joe Simpson – Employability Officer

Brad Fox – Employability Coordinator

Find Out More

For more information about Premier League Inspires please contact or