You vs. Train

Sheffield United Community Foundation have been working in partnership with Network Rail and local secondary schools to share important messages around the dangers of our rail network and how to remain safe.

Sheffield has a number of train stations and railway lines running through the city and now more than ever, these are being trespassed on and lives are being put in danger as a result of this. If you are not hit by a train, you could be hit by a lethal current from the overhead lines, or the third rail. This will leave life changing and possibly catastrophic injuries to the trespasser and will have life changing effects on loved ones.

Adam Ledger, NCS Manager, said: “The importance of the Network Rail train safety message cannot go unnoticed.

“Every year, an average of 17 people take on the railway and unfortunately lose their life with more having life altering injuries. Ensuring that the young people of Sheffield, that have easy access to the railway and tram networks in and around the city, are aware of the dangers is vitally important.

“The train lines are a dangerous place. Stay safe, stay away from the tracks.”

Stay safe, remain vigilant and remember that everyone loses when you step on the track.

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