Women’s Mental Health Zumba

Our weekly women’s football session, in association with Sheffield Flourish, has not let lockdown stop them from keeping active. Aimed at improving mental health, the participants have swapped their football boots for dancing shoes, taking part in online Zumba sessions.

Zumba helps to improve aerobic fitness and features movements inspired by different styles of dance. The sessions have been a huge hit and have helped our participants stay active and connected to each other.

Health & Wellbeing Manager, Levi Ashton, said: “It has been fantastic that the group has continued to stay physically active together, whilst also benefiting from staying in touch with each other through these last few months.

“Although we can’t wait to get back on the pitch, this has been fantastic and I’m sure this will result in fancier goal celebrations in the future!”

This session is an excellent opportunity for anyone that may be experiencing low mental health. There is also a men’s and young person’s session available.

Our session is free of charge and is a fun way to help improve mental, social and physical health.

If you would like to get involved, please email health@sufc-community.co.uk or sign up to our programme here.