Wilson Gives Back with Premier League Kicks

Sheffield United Women’s Goalkeeper Nina Wilson has recently been developing the next crop of local talent at our Girls Premier League Kicks sessions at Leisure United Westfield. Wilson is currently on loan at Wolverhampton Wanderers but still finds time to support our participants.

One participant who has benefitted from Nina’s coaching has been Izzy Thorpe:

“With Nina, I think just having a professional player here, it makes a difference with me and with the younger girls as they look up to her as we all do. It’s a nice, safe place to learn. My dream is to play football professionally, but even if that doesn’t work out, I still want to be involved in it.”

Izzy’s Mum Lynette has seen the impact first hand:

“It surprised me when Izzy decided to come out of her comfort zone and get involved with the coaching. For her personally, it’s been great to watch her pass on her skills. She looks forward to the sessions and I think that comes across with the way she is with the younger girls. She’s realising she can be a role model for them and it’s good for her confidence too.”

Nina sees the sessions as an opportunity to inspire the girls:

“I think it’s massive that the girls see me as a role model, especially since I’m a female coach which is something I never had growing up. I would have loved to come to these kinds of sessions with female professional players. It’s massive for them to see what they can be in their future and that’s why I love coming here so much. You can see their eyes light up when I tell them I play football professionally and that’s what it’s all about really, inspiring young girls and letting them know they can do whatever they want.”

Our free Premier League Kicks sessions for girls are every Friday during term-time, 4-5pm for 5-11 year-olds, and 5-6pm for 11-16 year-olds. Both sessions take place at Leisure United Westfield (S20 8FA), just turn up on the day or for more information contact Shannon.Wells@sufc-community.co.uk.