The Importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19

The covid vaccine can help us get back to the things we miss the most. For most of you I am sure it will be the jostling, roaring crowd of a football match at Bramall Lane as well as the crowded pub afterwards. Holidays, hugging, festivals and having friends around are all possible now.

In the coming weeks everyone aged 18 -30 will be offered an appointment so if you receive an invite please attend for your vaccine.

Here at NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the GP practices we work with will answer any concerns you may have about the vaccine.

At the CCG we can provide information or assistance you may need in getting the jab.

You can watch videos that will explain that the science behind the vaccine was here long before covid came along, that there is no evidence to support the claims that it affects your fertility or your chance of becoming pregnant. Read our FAQ page or the NHS website for more.

If you have underlying health conditions, getting the virus is far worse than any side effects.

If you are young, age is no protection. You may be less likely to die but there is a chance you will suffer long covid, which is harmful and long lasting.

If you or someone you know is struggling to access the vaccine we can help as we are working in partnership with community organisations, including Disability Sheffield and BAMER groups. You can email us:

If you’ve already been invited but not had it yet it is never too late as the offer to get vaccinated is always there. If you were on the shielding list and classed as Clinically Vulnerable or Clinically Extremely Vulnerable you can get an appointment by calling 119 or book online here.

Please share this information with those around you and together we can keep Sheffield open.