SUCF Women ‘B’ take on Huddersfield Town Women FC

The football season is well underway and our feature game for this week is Sheffield United Community Foundation’s (SUCF) Women’s ‘B’ team and they will face Huddersfield Town at Handsworth F.C. In their previous game SUCF lost 6-2 to Derby but coach Joe Dixon still remains optimistic. Joe said: The squad are still feeling upbeat and positive about our season.  

We have a better understanding and rapport of each other, which can only collectively make us play much more effective and efficiently on Wednesday. 

Consequent to last week’s result he’s had an opportunity to reassess his team’s qualities and process how they’ll move forward. He added: “We haven’t had a pre-season match prior to our first game against Derby. So, it was difficult to anticipate what to expect.  

But our game against Derby helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses.  

We’re going back to the drawing board and creating plans within training to continue our development as a squad for the long season ahead. 

Just like Derby, it is Huddersfield’s first time in the Community Education Football Alliance League. Joe is expecting another difficult game. Joe said: It will be their first league game; therefore, they will be wanting to kick start their campaign with a win.  

We will be ready to meet our competition and have a good game.  

The game kicks off on Wednesday at 1.30pm at Handsworth at Olivers Mount. It is set to be a gruelling game and both teams will be going all out for the win. For updates please follow us on social media @CommunitySUCF.