SUCF Football & Education Academy: Student in the spotlight Leona Stafford

Sheffield United Community Foundation has over 80 students studying with us on our BTEC Sport Football & Education programme for both men and women.

See what our students think about our programme and our tutors in our ‘Student in the Spotlight’ features. Each week we will be telling the story of one of our students. This week we have spoken to Year 12 BTEC Sport student Leona Stafford.

Leona studies at Handsworth Sports Venue and is taught by tutor Jenna Wilson.


Leona Stafford Q&A

What have you enjoyed most about studying with Sheffield United Community Foundation?

 Studying at the academy has helped me gain confidence on and off the pitch. I have enjoyed the integration of football within the course, it’s unlike any other collage I considered looking at. I like that the course is all assignment based as personally I find it easier to manage.


What is it like to study alongside playing football full time?

I really like the combination of football alongside studying, training is almost like an incentive to get all the work done in lessons. Training allows me to burn off some steam ready for the rest of the day. I really enjoy the whole setup of the course with training been before matchdays, so we have time to prep, matchdays are also very professional and with it being a Wednesday it’s almost like a reward for doing all the studying earlier in the week.


What would you like to do next? How do you think studying with us has prepared you for your next steps?

 Once I leave SUFC I plan on going to university to study either sports nutrition or strength and conditioning training. Doing assignments now will prepare me for university as there will be a similar setup with deadlines and assignment structures. SUFC has made me more independent in the sense that assignments must be written during the home study days, as well as this everyone has had to adapt to online learning meaning all assignments need to be done in normal lesson times, this can be very difficult, but it is good prep for the working world.

Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

I would recommend this course for anyone who loves football, it’s a great way to improve on the pitch with great quality coaches and facilities. I think lots of people would enjoy the matchdays, it feels very professional when we play. This course is amazing in every aspect, the football side is of the highest quality, the education side is very professional and well delivered and finally the support we all receive is also as good as it can be.


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