Student in the spotlight: Kieran Dodds

Sheffield United Community Foundation has over 140 students studying with us on our BTEC Sport Football & Education programme for both men and women.

See what our students think about our programme and our tutors in our ‘Student in the Spotlight’ features. Each week we will be telling the story of one of our students. This week we have spoken to BTEC Sport student Kieran Dodds.

Kieran studies at Handsworth Sports Venue and is taught by Education Tutor, James Sellars.


Kieran Dodds Q&A

What have you enjoyed most about studying with Sheffield United Community Foundation?

 I have enjoyed meeting people with similar goals to me. I have become more confident and have had the chance to make new friends and have already made memories that will last a lifetime! Everyone wants to do the best they can whilst also having a laugh.


What is it like to study alongside playing football full time?

 Combining football and education together is good in my opinion. If I’m struggling or getting stressed out in lesson then we will train, and I will feel better and not stressed anymore.

I think football helps education because it gives you something to look forward to. For example, if I don’t finish all my work and mess about in lesson then I won’t be able to train or play the match throughout the week.

This makes me fully focused on getting my work done to the best possible standard because I want to be able to train and play matches.

The thing I enjoy most about combining football with education is that we are a team, if we weren’t a team and didn’t do football then I feel in the classroom we would be not as close and there will be little groups of friends instead of one big group.


What would you like to do next? How do you think studying with us has prepared you for your next steps?

Once I leave the program my plans are to go full time football. If not, then I would like to go into coaching or be a personal trainer.


Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

I would definitely recommend this course to others! You are around like-minded people that are interested in the same things as you and this makes it easier to achieve your goals.

The facilities are great, for football the astroturf is top quality. The staff make you feel welcome and have great personalities, which makes sessions fun and enjoyable. The training sessions are great too and the coaching is really detailed.

All in all, the education, football and management together are why I would recommend this course – I love everything about it.


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