Student in the Spotlight: Amy Nelson

Sheffield United Community Foundation’s Education & Training department has over 140 students studying with us on our BTEC Sport Football & Education programme for both men and women.

As part of our ‘Student in the spotlight’ series, we have spoken to our students to see what they think about our programme and their tutors. This week we have spoken to women’s BTEC sport student Amy Nelson. Amy is in year 13 and is taught by Jenna Wilson.


Amy Nelson in the Spotlight

What have you enjoyed most about studying with Sheffield United Community Foundation?

 I have enjoyed being able to play football alongside getting my qualifications in something I enjoy learning about.


What is it like to study alongside playing football full time?

I think being able to play football whist also studying is such a good opportunity. It allows you to further your learning but also gives you the chance to develop your footballing ability as well.


What would you like to do next? How do you think studying with us has prepared you for your next steps? 

I plan to go to University and this course has helped me prepare for that with the work that we do. The work is a lot more independent than you would get in school, however, you still get a lot of support if needed.

I also have plans to join a new football team when I move to Uni and this course has helped me develop the ability to manage my course work but also ensure that I have time to train as well.

Would you recommend this course to others? If yes, why?

I would recommend this course to other people because it gives you a chance to gain qualifications and play football, which isn’t an opportunity that you get often! It also gives you the chance to meet new people and make new friends that have similar interests.


To apply to study BTEC Sport at our Football & Education Academy please click here. For more information about our Football & Education Academy and what we have to offer please head over to our website