Premier League Inspires Munir’s Development

As part of our Premier League Inspires programme, we’ve spent the last eight weeks at Parkwood E-ACT Academy working with students to unlock their potential in the classroom and in PE.

The programme works with young people aged between 11-25 in educational settings and uses unique characteristics of our professional club staff to positively affect change those most in need.

One student who has really benefitted from the programme is Munir, 13, who credits the programme with changing his attitudes to school life.

Munir said: “In school I was rude and had anger issues, but after the eight weeks I started getting better with that stuff. It’s helped me control my anger and improved my mental wellbeing. It’s really done me a lot of good.”

Miss Hobson, Wellbeing Officer at Parkwood Academy said: “Munir definitely had his challenges in terms of emotional regulation. The Inspires programme has allowed him to really explore how he reacts to certain situation  and he’s able to understand how to control himself and be the best person he can be. The personal skills he’s developed – his resilience, his confidence, his self-awareness are all fantastic. It’s really nice to see that growth and development.”

Ash Royston, PL Inspires Coordinator said: “Before the programme started, Munir was quite loud and boisterous and didn’t take other people’s opinions into consideration. As the weeks progressed, he became a leader in the group and helped other children who were struggling. He showed a real maturity towards the end of the programme, which is ultimately the aim of PL Inspires. I think the programme has had a huge impact on Munir. We’ve seen a big reduction in terms of incidents as he would tend to get involved in every argument at school, but after these past two months his behaviour has really improved.”

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