Level Playing Field Pre-match social

As part of the Level Playing Field Weeks of action, we hosted a pre-Match social event on Zoom where Sheffield United fans with disabilities could join and take part in some pre match activities.

The pre-match social consisted of a quiz and discussion about the game and 13 fans attended.

Health Coordinator and pre-match social host, Josh Blunkett, said: “This was a brilliant night that brought fans together, offering an inclusive event which everyone could enjoy in anticipation for the Blades match.

“It was great to see lots of new people from far and wide, to be united and get ready for the match like we know and love; together!’

The Health & Wellbeing team have lots of programmes that are accessible and open to all to help support people and reduce health inequalities across Sheffield.

For more information about what we have to offer, please visit our website www.sufc-community.com or contact: health@sufc-community.co.uk.