Play Your Part in the Steel City Derby

Play Your Part in the Steel City Derby

This July, as part of the Move More month of movement, the Blades will be taking on the Owls in a Steel City Derby and YOU can play a massive part in helping your team win!

Move More wants Sheffield to be the most active City in the UK and it all starts by down loading the Move More App. Simply visit Google Play or the Apple Store and search ‘move more Sheffield’.

Once installed and you have the phone on you, the App tracks your movement during the day and every minute will count towards the Blades total minutes. It’s as simple as that!

And don’t worry; this is not about running marathons, taking part in triathlons or being an Olympic athlete. This is just simply about Moving More. The App will track your walking throughout the day and any other physical exercise you undertake, with a target of 30 minutes.

Also, the App is very straightforward and gives you the information you need without the complexity of other exercise Apps!

The Steel City Derby – help make Blades the Move More champions!

We are asking all our fans to join us in Moving More throughout July. The competition against the Owls starts on 1st July and finishes on the 31st July.

Every minute that you move will count towards our collective target of minutes that will then be converted into goals. The more fans we have on the move the more minutes we will gain and the more goals we will score. After all, any Steel City Derby is about winning!

It only takes a couple of minutes to download the App, and then it happily records your activity without anything more to do, other than move! You can then check back in and see how you are doing!

How to sign up for the Blades

Visit Google Play or the Apple Store and search ‘move more Sheffield’, then install the App.

When you log in to the More More App for the first time of anytime thereafter there is a menu button in the top left hand corner which then reveals a “Challenges” button. Follow this through to the Steel City Derby screen and then another click will let you choose Sheffield United!

As soon as you choose Sheffield United your Move More Minutes will automatically be attributed to the Blades (starting on the 1st July!).

Your app will also allow you to follow how the Blades are performing against the Owls and make sure Sheffield is Red & White on the 31st July!

Don’t delay, download the App today and be ready to kick off the big Steel City Derby on 1st July. The Blades need YOU!