PL Kicks on BBC Look North

The Foundation’s PL Kicks sessions featured on BBC Look North over the Christmas period.

Our PL Kicks programme aims to bring communities together and has helped achieve this in the Fir Vale area.

Tensions boiled over last year when fighting started outside the school as a result of fighting inside between pupils of different ethnic backgrounds.

Nicholas Bryan, PL Kicks coach and Fir Vale PE co-ordinator, said: “These sessions make a massive difference in breaking down barriers and communications between two groups that struggle to get along.”

Ruth Smith, Fir Vale headteacher added: “There are tensions sometimes, but generally speaking, I invite anyone to come into school and come to this session on a day-to-day basis and have a look.

“It’s a great place to work and a great place to be. Ask the children, they will tell you the truth.”

Our weekly PL Kicks sessions have helped to build relationships between different communities and that has shown in the improved behaviour at Fir Vale school.

A PL Kicks participant said: “There’s no such thing as seeing someone as a different colour. Rather than after school going out and having fights, I would rather come here and play football with my friends.”

We run free PL Kicks football sessions on a daily basis for 8-18-year olds across Sheffield. To get involved or to find our more, please head over to our social media channels @CommunitySUCF or website