NCS Complete Autumn Waves

Throughout November, the NCS team have been running their Autumn Programme, working with a group of young people to gain life skills, build their knowledge and do something good to help Sheffield. They took part in various sessions, including Resilience & Wellbeing, First Aid and creating a legacy, as well as having a bit of fun and having a go at some axe throwing!

For their social action project, the team decided that they wanted to raise awareness of the amount of plastic that is wasted by us all and the impact this has on the environment. Although they had to adapt due to the current lockdown situation, they didn’t let this stop them going ahead with their plans and decided to use social media to raise the awareness they wanted. The team have been amazing at posting images and videos to get people thinking about how much plastic waste they have, and they still plan on keeping the items they’ve collected to create a sculpture and put it up in the city to raise even more awareness, once they’re allowed to do so. 

The NCS staff have been really impressed by the amazing work the team have done over the last month.

“They’ve been so enthusiastic and dedicated throughout and they’ve been a great group to work with. It’s nice to see a group so passionate about wanting to make a change and their commitment has been second to none.” 

If you want to find out more about what the group have done and are continuing to do, check out their Instagram, @​generation.plastic. ​