National Citizen Service summer 2019 round-up

This summer saw 427 young people from Sheffield take part in NCS (National Citizen Service) with Sheffield United Community Foundation. Having opted to spend their summer upskilling themselves and becoming more employable, the young people took part in a range of activities and real-life experiences that will benefit their future goals and aspirations.

During the first week of the programme, the young people faced a range of outdoor activities that challenged their resilience, teamwork and leadership skills. This provided an opportunity for them to try new things, learn new skills and experience challenges they haven’t faced before.

The second week saw them visit the highly sought-after university student accommodation, IQ Fenton House. During this week the young people learned how to live independently and take part in a range of developmental workshops such as first aid, self-defence, Drive for Life, YouVsTrain and Uni4you?. They also had the chance to meet and work with some local charities and organisations.

The third and final week saw the young people put all their skills, knowledge and experience they had gained together to complete a social action project in order to give back to the local community and make a difference. 30 teams decided on their projects and a grand total of over £13,000 was

raised for some incredible causes across the city. What an incredible achievement for the young people of Sheffield.

We would like to thank all the young people that took part this summer and we wish them all the best for the future.

Sheffield United NCS team.