Lorna & Lovina Talk Youth Hub Success

Our Youth Hub helps provide support and opportunities for people looking for employment. Caitlin Parker, Employability & Skills Advisor, and Lorraina Wigfield, Youth Hub Coach help 16-24 year-olds with one-to-one support, training opportunities and showcases and more. Two people who have benefitted from the Youth Hub are Lorna and Lovina. We caught up with them to find out more.

Lorna joined the Youth Hub in May and secured a job as a Patient Services Assistant, as well as securing a place at the University of Sheffield for Psychology.

Lorna tells us how the Youth Hub has helped her: “I was given a Youth Hub flyer at a Jobs Fair in Cavendish Court, and I thought it sounded too good to be true because Lorraina said that she would give more individual based support through the entire process of getting a job, as well as extra help with job searches and recommendations. I reached out, joined the Youth Hub and went to a training showcase at Bramall Lane which spoke about different apprenticeships and training.

I remember we started off prioritising what I was interested in. I had a CV draft and we edited that and made two versions of it: an admin one and a support worker one. We also came up with cover letters for those jobs. My grades were the Ugandan grades, so Caitlin helped me with the grade equivalencies. When I came across certain roles, I would send them over to the work coaches and they would help with the applications. On top of all that, I remember when Lorraina got me a laptop of my own to help make the job search easier. I felt like this was the right place to be and made the recommendation to my sister.

I went to a money management session run by the Youth Hub, and it was really useful because it was all new to me and it gave us helpful tips. We calculated how much better off we would be in work which helped me put everything in a realistic context.

I also had an appointment with the National Careers Service which Lorraina set up as I was struggling knowing what to do at university, and the session with Jacqui was really helpful because she helped me with my long-term goals and gave me tips on how I could get into the field of Psychology when I graduate. During one of my appointments, I was having a hard time with my logins at university and Caitlin was more than happy to help solve that issue.

I did Early Years Foundation training which was very insightful, and they offered me job experience after the training. The training felt like I was taking a step towards my goals, and I felt really motivated about doing something to help my career.

After that, I went to a jobs fair at the Blades Family Hub where there were loads of employers. I applied for the Prince’s Trust which offered a 5-day training course for Patient Services Assistant for the NHS. I could use the cover letters we had already made to apply which made it so much easier. The training was centred around the role to make sure you are prepared for a work environment. I had mock interviews which helped my confidence, and I was told right away that I got the job.

I would definitely recommend the Youth Hub. Before, I felt nervous when applying for jobs and didn’t think I would hear anything back. After speaking to Lorraina and Caitlin, I felt a lot more confident that I can get opportunities.”

Lorna’s sister, Lovina, joined the Youth Hub in June and secured a job as a Patient Services Assistant, as well as securing a place at Sheffield Hallam University to study Mental Health Nursing.

Lovina details her Youth Hub journey: “Before I even came to any appointments, I was invited for a walk which was really nice because I got to meet other people from the Youth Hub who were really friendly. The staff are so lovely, and I felt like I could be myself when I got there.

Coming to the Youth Hub has made me more confident with applying for jobs and interviews. They really give you everything you need. The job search sessions made me feel very job ready and this has also motivated my mum to start looking for a job whilst she is studying!

When I found out I had an interview with Sheffield Hallam, Caitlin did her own research which helped a lot. There was a video I had to watch that I wasn’t sure about, but I went through it with Caitlin, and it made a lot more sense. I felt loads more confident after the preparation and I was successful in my interview.

I went to the Youth Hub originally because I wanted to be a childminder, so I enrolled in a Sector Routeway that Lorraina told me about. The tutor was amazing and gave me loads of valuable information. I realised that childminding wasn’t for me, but I learned a lot from it and it give me more understanding about the role.

I then went to the Jobs Fair at the Blades Family Hub and the I was recommended to try the Prince’s Trust who were running a course recruiting Patient Services Assistants for the NHS.  

The week-long course was so helpful, and they prepared us really well for the job and interview. We also spoke to someone from the NHS. The interview felt like more of a chat, and I got offered the job before I even left the interview!

I would definitely recommend the Youth Hub!”

Click here for more information about our Youth Hub or for more information please contact Caitlin at caitlin.parker@sufc-community.co.uk / 07940546757 or Lorraina at lorraina.wigfield@dwp.gov.uk / 07825866755.