Joy of Moving moves online to support families

The Joy of Moving programme has been supporting year 5 children across EFL Communities in the UK for the past 6 years. The Joy of Moving programme has consisted of two elements; the Move & Learn project and Joy of Moving Festivals. Over 300,000 children have been introduced to moving and learning new skills all while having fun and playing.

Now, in challenging times, we have moved the programme – that is traditionally delivered by our Football Club Community coaches in schools – online to help more families benefit from the fun games and activities. Our aim is to teach children how to enjoy moving through play and to help them develop positive habits for their future. These are great games to play with children to get them moving and most importantly playing! The games and activities are based on the unique Joy of Moving methodology, developed by Ferrero with key independent parties including Foro Italico (Rome University) and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). This methodology inspires children to move through play across the world, whilst developing key skills in four major areas: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and creativity and life skills.

This is not just another set of exercises or a cardiovascular workout which might make your child feel under pressure. This is a method of offering you a series of fun games to play with your family, in a way that they will enjoy. We understand that you may not have all the time in the world so we’ve deliberately made the games short and bite sized, to get them moving and having fun! They can be done at home in a lounge, garden or any space you can find!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the Joy of Moving games and activities on our social media channels and you can find them all on our website :

You’ll find a range of games and activities you can do at home including Elastic Bridge, The Mirror and The Cap Race.

Join us now to experience the Joy of Moving and bring that joy into your home! Share your fun moments with us through #JoyofMoving.