It’s OK To Talk

How are you? Out of 10?

Monday 10th October marks World Mental Health Day and serves as a valuable reminder that help is there for anyone who wants to improve their mental fitness. Our mental health groups for men (Talk Club) and women (Let’s Talk Together) offer free support for adults who wish to share experiences and talk about their feelings in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space.

Talk Club for men is every Wednesday, 6-8pm at the Blades Family Hub on John Street.

In partnership with Football Unites Racism Divides and Sheffield Flourish, Let’s Talk Together for women is every Monday, 1-3pm at The U-Mix Centre (S2 4UJ) and every Wednesday, 6-7pm at Goodwin Sports Centre (S10 2TY).

One Talk Club member said of the session: “I discovered Talk Club at a time when my mental health was spiralling downwards and I saw no way out. Talk Club gave me a safe space where I could share how I was feeling without being judged. It gave me a community of men who could listen and try to help each other, which sadly I didn’t have elsewhere. I will always be grateful to Talk Club, it saved my life.”

We have invested over £40,000 into these mental health programmes as a direct result of the Super Draw Lotto, without this we wouldn’t be able to help so many people around Sheffield. If you would like to make a separate donation to Sheffield United Community Foundation’s mental health programmes, you can text MENTALHEALTH to 70580 to donate £5 or visit our donation page here.

To get involved in any of our mental health sessions, simply turn up on the day or for more information please contact