Inspiring Inclusion through Sport

In October 2019 we launched our new pilot project ‘Blades Inspired’ which was created to provide sports and physical activity opportunities for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) across Sheffield. The primary focus was to inspire, educate and impact more individuals across the spectrum through Physical Education and Football sessions. Our intervention was delivered to ensure that regular PE sessions and extra-curricular sessions are adapted and cater for the needs of each young person so they can fulfil their potential.

We engaged with 138 children from 10 Sheffield Primary schools during our pilot programme, all with varying disability classifications including hearing impairments, visual impairments, learning difficulties and wheelchair users. 83% of children who took part in Blades Inspired sessions said they were more excited about going to school and taking part in PE and 88% said they felt more confident to play sport outside of school.

“It’s given my child confidence in a small group setting which he thrives on and being able to enjoy football within his school day is helping with co-ordination and building his strength”, explains a parent whose child took part in the programme. “Providing this opportunity during the children’s school day is extremely beneficial to them in so many ways. I really hope this becomes permanent and thank you for giving him the opportunity to practice his new passion whilst at school.”

As a Foundation we are keen to support to provide more opportunities for children and young people with SEND through sport and physical activity at a time and place which is best for them and their families. We would like to expand our Blades Inspired project to reach and help more children across Sheffield and are looking for support to help us achieve this. If you would be interested in helping children and young people with SEND through sport and physical activity, please contact Participation & Inclusion Manager, Katie Glossop on