In the Spotlight with Empower LGBT+ Project

Sheffield United Community Foundation has partnered with the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto lottery scheme. The Super Draw Lotto is a lottery draw in which participants have the opportunity to win some fantastic cash prizes.

As part of our partnership, a minimum of 20% of the stake money, and any proceeds after prizes and expenses have been deducted, will be donated to the Sheffield United Community Foundation.

Over the last few months, this partnership has helped fund a lot of our Community Foundation projects. One of the strands that has benefitted from our partnership is the work that we do in Participation and Inclusion. The key aim of this area is to provide opportunities for everyone to participate and progress in physical activity and/or sport and establish safer, stronger and more inclusive communities.

As part of this strand, we have a number of projects that this funding helps to support such as Football Camps, Premier League Kicks, Premier League Primary Stars, Empower Women & Girls Project and Empower LGBT+ Project.

One of the most recent developments is the work that we are doing to encourage the LGBT+ community to get more involved with sport. On the launch of the Empower LGBT+ project, Katie Glossop, Participation & Inclusion Manager, said: “We are extremely excited about the launch of this programme and know that action is required to tackle LGBT+ inequalities not only in sport but in everyday life too.

“Everyone should be able to take part in sport regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, and as a community we can create a safer and more inclusive place to help those who currently face barriers to activity.”

If you would like more information about our Empower LGBT+ Project, please contact

If you would like to sign up to play the Super Draw Lotto, please sign up here.