Impact Report 2019/2020

Sheffield United Community Foundation have released our Impact Report for 2019/2020. The report highlights the delivery across our Education & Training, Health & Wellbeing, National Citizen Service and Participation & Inclusion strands.

 This year has been a very challenging one, and one that has been difficult for all of our staff members and participants.

Chris Bailey, Head of Foundation, said: “At the end of what has been a very testing period for us all, I am delighted to share our Impact Report for the 2019-20 delivery year with you. You will see, that despite the challenges faced, the Foundation, and our people, worked extremely hard to ensure we continued to support the Sheffield community through difficult times.

“As a charity of the city, with people at the heart of our organisation, we remain committed to our vision of helping to make Sheffield “a healthy, empowered and inclusive community” and continue to diversify our activities to tackle local, national and global challenges.

“Working with people is very inspiring, and this report highlights some of the powerful stories that focus on the positive changes people have made to their lives and their achievements as a result of being part of the Foundation family in such an uncertain year.

“I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to our Trustee board, our passionate and devoted staff team and to all of you who engaged with us throughout the year. Whether you participated face to face, socially distanced, online, or a mixture, we are truly grateful for your engagement, and hope that you continue to enjoy opportunities with the Foundation moving forward.

“Of course, our work would not be possible without the ongoing support of Sheffield United Football Club and our local and national partners. These relationships helped us to navigate the uncertainty that 2019-2020 provided and enabled us to create a tremendous amount of positive impact in our communities and for that, we are very grateful.

“I am extremely proud of our Foundation, our club, and our city. It is important, now more than ever, that we continue to work together to provide supportive and meaningful opportunities for the people of Sheffield.”

Please read our impact report by clicking here. For any further information or to find out how you or your organisation can support the charitable arm of Sheffield United Football Club, please contact