Foundation Release Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2018-2021 Executive Summary

It is the strategic aim of Sheffield United Community Foundation to continue to adopt a positive attitude toward its development and growth, to embrace change, and have the flexibility to remain “fit for purpose” in an ever-evolving sector. ​

Our passion for delivering high quality, value for money interventions with consideration for our people will ensure we remain competitive. Our desire for innovation and collaboration will allow us to remain progressive and build a foundation for the future. ​

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our actions and the brand, thereby enhancing our reputation for being trustworthy and reputable organisation, whilst remaining cognisant of robust operational, financial and risk management.​

Our strategic ambition is to deliver our vision of a “more active, healthy, educated, respectful and integrated society in Sheffield” 

To help us deliver this strategy we have identified some patterns of behaviour that are essential for organisational success “Our Shared Approach”. The intention is to embed these behaviours in ourselves and others in the firm belief that they will help us sustain a positive working environment where we can do our best work. ​


  • Putting people first
  • Accountability
  • A flexible work life balance
  • Transparent and appropriate communication
  • Mutual Trust and respect
  • Progression, innovation and learning
  • Effective, fair management


The Foundation is committed to the following:


  • Effective execution of our strategic ambitions through robust annual planning (in line with our 3-year strategy). The aim is to continually move us towards our vision whilst remaining cognisant of appropriate management controls and evaluation that enables sustainable growth across all strands. ​
  • Continuous development of our people and the quality of our provision. These will remain paramount, and our values and behaviours will continue to underpin the way we work.​
  • Holistic development of each strand. This will be undertaken with due regard to the external environment and internal factors. We will continually remain aware of the financial implications, resource requirements and brand integrity/quality of delivery during our planned growth.​
  • Ability to attract sustainable funding from public and private sources.​
  • Development of new effective networks/relationships whilst maintaining existing relationships through appropriate customer relationship management.​
  • Increased effectiveness of the Foundation’s sales, marketing and internal and external communication processes.​
  • Effective management of costs and resources that continually moves the Foundation towards its goals.​
  • Building internal relationships that are mutually beneficial and continue to enhance the Foundation’s reputation with the Club.​
  • Developing the brand, moving seamlessly to the next level of evolutionary growth and being recognised as a leading Club and Community Organisation (CCO) within the sector.​



The Foundation’s key aim is to build links between the Club and the community using the appeal of football and sport and physical activity in general. Sport is a highly motivational tool that can encourage, motivate and inspire individuals regardless of background to achieve their potential. ​

The Community programmes are aimed at strengthening self-esteem, developing personal skills, promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles, and in doing so improve academic achievement, enhance employability and increase the feeling of self-worth and wellbeing of people in Sheffield. ​

The Foundation’s stated aims are: ​

  • Offer innovative programmesin the key areas of sport participation, health, education and social inclusion​
  • Build links between the football club and the community using the appeal of football and sport and physical activity in general.​
  • Use sport and physical activity as a motivational tool to encourage, motivate and inspire individuals regardless of background to reach their potential. – “Inspiring your future through sport and physical activity”​
  • Promote healthy and active lifestyles through sport and physical activity​
  • Offer programmesaimed at developing personal skills, improving academic achievement and enhancing employability​
  • Engage with people regardless of age, ability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.​
  • Support pathways for player development from grassroots and community football​
  • Act as positive role models at all times and be a valued contributor to community and personal wellbeing​