Foundation Announce PL PFA ‘Nature Based Blades’ Project

Sheffield United Community Foundation are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Nature Based Blades’ – a new 3-year PL PFA project in partnership with the Premier League Charitable Fund and XMA.

The successful bid will see the Foundation embark on a first-of-its-kind Environmental Sustainability Education project into secondary schools within Sheffield called ‘Nature Based Blades’. Delivered in partnership with IT reseller XMA, the project will see £150,000 invested into educating young people on the importance of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action in their community.

The project’s aims are to increase knowledge and positive behaviours in relation to climate action in their community and will see participants receive workshops and accredited qualifications, culminating in the chance to complete a Nature Based Solution in their school or local community.

“We are thrilled to finally launch ‘Nature Based Blades’, a new and innovative project that we believe can make a huge difference to the community we serve. It’s a well-known fact that the pressure is on, now more than ever to take environmental sustainability seriously. Whilst it is a serious topic, it is also one that can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding to learn about and get involved in. Working with young people to create positive behaviour changes on climate action has the potential to have long reaching benefits, not only to the individuals involved but to the entire city of Sheffield.”

Joe Williamson, Senior Manager, Sheffield United Community Foundation

We are particularly excited about the Nature Based Solutions that each group of participants will design and create. This could be in the form of a vegetable garden in a school setting to help reduce Co2 emissions from food deliveries which will have a direct impact not only on the school but the local community as well. It could also be a green space in the community for children to enjoy. According to, 83% of 8–15-year-olds said being in nature made them very happy. The wellbeing benefits of being immersed in nature for all age groups are scientifically proven.

“XMA are a big fan of all things eco-friendly and sustainable, and we’re teaming up with the Sheffield United Community Foundation to make Sheffield a greener place. By working together, XMA and Sheffield United Community Foundation can make a real difference in the lives of young people, the community, and the future of our planet. Education, teamwork, and a love for the environment – that’s the recipe for a greener and brighter future for everyone!”

Darren Howe, Strategy, Commercial Development & ESG Director, XMA

Nature Based Blades will be launched in 3 schools across Sheffield from April 2024. For more information on the Foundation or XMA, please visit or