Fans FC programme making a real difference

John Kidder is one of many people who lives with cancer that is incurable but treatable. He has been taking part in our Fans Fighting Cancer (Fans FC), which is delivered locally in partnership with Macmillan’s ‘Active Everyday’ scheme.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer I had to give up work, I felt quite low and was struggling to remain physically active” John told us.

“Fans FC is not about running marathons, it’s about physical activity that suits you, it’s very comforting to know you’re not doing anything that could have a negative impact on your health. The partnership between SUCF and Active Everyday works really well!

“Cancer means your social networks change, you don’t see people as much and can’t get out like you used to. Fans FC is a chance to socialise with people you can easily relate to; people with cancer walk to a different beat.”

Fans FC is a project that helps people that have been affected by cancer, which includes family and friends of those that have been diagnosed. Physical activity can help people tackle the disease and can also help you to live with it.

Participants attend sessions on a weekly basis at the SteelPhalt SUFC Academy (every Wednesday from 7.15pm). Sessions include bespoke activities that are designed for individuals to do as little or as much as they feel they can do. Walking Football is one of the progressions routes participants can aim for and has proven to be extremely popular amongst the current group.

John has really enjoyed his time with us and comments further, “the support from SUCF has been outstanding! Our trainer and staff devote time and effort to encourage the attendees to enjoy the sessions and to maximise the fitness and the socialisation benefits derived from participation. The kind and encouraging approach works well and is well appreciated. The Foundation’s involvement with the community should be applauded.”

The funding for Fans FC comes from the Wembley National Stadium Trust through the ‘Every Player Counts’ programme.

Read John’s full interview here.