Fans FC: A Year On

Over the past year Fans FC has grown and now engages with and supports over 200 participants. In partnership with the Premier League Charitable Fund and Weston Park Cancer Charity our Fans FC programme aims to provide FREE mental and physical support to those that need it.

Fans FC started off with a weekly walking football session but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this had to be cancelled.

To help support our participants during this difficult time, we created a Care Package made up of essential items and items to help encourage physical activity such as dumbbells and resistance bands. We successfully delivered over 100 Care Packages to participants that needed them. Alongside our Care Packages, regular wellbeing calls with our health coordinator were available.

As a result of the national lockdown, we created an online timetable of activities. This timetable consists of five weekly sessions that participants join in via zoom. This online timetable is still a key part of our programme today as we transition back to face-to-face delivery.

Fans FC has grown massively in the last year. We are now looking forward to restarting our face-to-face sessions alongside our online timetable. Our face-to-face sessions will be made up of physical activity/sport sessions based in Sheffield. Examples of possible sessions include: Boxercise, Walking Football, Circuit Training, Health Walks and Badminton.

If you would like to join Fans FC please sign up here. For more information, please contact or call Josh Blunkett on 07949375726.