Digital Activities available to the Sheffield Community

Health & Wellbeing has lots of digital activities available to help support the Sheffield Community during the pandemic. As face-to-face delivery isn’t available, we have developed other ways to engage with our participants and have created a timetable of activities to make up our Fans FC Digital Timetable. We know that lots of people are feeling isolated and lonely during this time, and we created this timetable to try and tackle this.

Fans FC is a programme designed to support those diagnosed with, affected by, or to help prevent, cancer. Our digital timetable is made up of exercise sessions to suit all ability levels and includes chair-based exercise, seated dance, circuit training and Zumba. To compliment these sessions, we have a weekly quiz/social session and a well-being drop in. These wellbeing sessions are there for you to ask for help or support if needed.

Each of our sessions take place on Zoom, if you are unsure how to navigate zoom, let us know and we will guide you through it. If you would like any more information, or wish to sign up for the programme, please contact or sign up here.