Corbin’s Story

Corbin started his journey with Sheffield United Community Foundation back in September 2018 where he studied an entry level qualification at the Football & Education Academy. The last two years has seen Corbin advance from the academy’s vocational qualification pathway into the Traineeship programme.

Through his excellent work ethic, positivity and infectious attitude, Corbin was rewarded for his efforts by being given the opportunity to join the Participation & Inclusion strand on a formal work placement in a Community Coaching role.

Corbin’s personality and character has grown throughout his time with the Foundation, underlined by his achievement of being appointed as development team captain, in a team which won back-to-back league titles.

This placement has helped Corbin enhance his professional and personal skill set which will set him up well as he looks to progress into fulltime employment.

On his current role and progression through the Foundation, Lorna Foster, Corbin’s mum, said: “Corbin started his journey at 16 unsure of what the future would hold for him.

“He has made amazing progress in all aspects of his life now and has never looked back or regretted joining United for a second.

“He has achieved so much and is much better than he believes.

“His self-belief and confidence about his abilities have grown so much in the past 4 years. The team have been amazing with him.”

Corbin added: “I struggled with school so didn’t think I could go far, but I joined United Community Foundation when I left and have never looked back.

“I’ve been supported through some tough times whilst taking part in education and the traineeship. I now work for the Foundation in a Kickstarter role and I’ve never been happier.

“I recommend it to anyone.”

Rob Jenkinson, Sheffield United Community Foundation Participation & Inclusion Coordinator, said: “We have been able to offer Corbin a part time contract as a Community Sports Coach, a role funded through the Kickstarter Scheme.

“Corbin’s role is to assist our lead coaching staff in the delivery of high-quality PE lessons in primary schools.

“He has demonstrated an exemplary and professional attitude whilst representing the Community Foundation, and uses skills and knowledge gained through his educational experiences to implement key learning points and displays enthusiasm for passing on this knowledge to young people.”

Having seen Corbin progress through the Foundation’s Education pathway at each level, Ryan Collins, Education Curriculum Leader, said: “As it happened Corbin started his journey with Sheffield United as the same time as myself.

“It has been incredible to witness him mature and progress on both an academic and personal level – From a shy, apprehensive adolescent into a confident and driven young adult.

“I’m convinced that his positive attitude and work ethic will see him strive in whatever direction he takes in the future.”

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