Community College Unveil New Sports Business & Management Degree

Sheffield United Community College are delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new higher education BA (Hons) Sports Business and Management course starting September 2024.

Delivered in partnership with the University of South Wales, this new study programme is ideal for those looking for experience and understanding of the world of business and sport to develop as a manager.

The course provides a unique learning experience and the opportunity to operate within the live operations of a professional football club. The course will teach students aspects of sports business and management including marketing, managing people and projects, strategy and governance. The course will also develop students’ leadership and creativity skills with an eye on you becoming future managers and leaders in the sports industry.

Work placement makes up a fundamental part of the study programme, allowing students to opportunity to apply their knowledge across a variety of extensive work-based learning programmes provided across both the club and Community Foundation. The course itself is run from our newly refurbished classroom suites within Bramall Lane, putting the students at the heart of the club’s business operations.

Education Manager Ryan Collins discussed the notable achievements of the existing Football Coaching Degree Programme, highlighting its pivotal role in inspiring the creation of the latest degree pathway:

“Over the past decade, we have developed a strong partnership with USW, delivering a professional coaching degree programme that has seamlessly integrated graduates into the expanding workforce of the club and local communities. Our commitment to recruiting talented individuals from our internal pathways has led to numerous success stories. However, recognising that not all students may be inclined towards the practical coaching route, we have conceived this alternative degree pathway to cater to a broader spectrum of students aspiring to contribute to the sports industry from behind the scenes. From an original cohort of seven students, our coaching degree programme has flourished, currently boasting a group of 50. With this new degree opportunity, we aim to replicate and build upon this level of success.”

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