Charlotte Shares Her Foundation Journey

As part of our countdown to International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March), we sat down with Charlotte Bennehan, women’s coach and learning mentor at Sheffield United Community College to talk about her journey with the Foundation and how she’s helping the next generation of young women in the sports industry.

When did you first engage with the Foundation?

Charlotte: “I first got involved with the Foundation in primary school where we had after school football sessions run by community coaches. These sessions were run weekly and were fun and enjoyable which was needed with me being at the start of my footballing journey.

How has the Foundation helped you get to where you are now? 

Throughout my journey with the Foundation, there has always been supportive staff on hand to guide and offer support where needed. The school sessions that were run in both my primary and secondary school were big factors in me joining the course at post-16. Since joining the programme, I have been offered many different opportunities to develop which have contributed to me getting where I am today in my mentoring role and as a coach.

Tell us about the Student of the Year Award you received.

It was a pleasure to receive this award. This showed my hard work and determination within the course was not only visible in my grades but also to staff and my peers.

What do you do now?

“I am currently working full-time for the Foundation in a role I’ve done for the last few years whilst studying. This is my first year since finishing my studying, so the role is an ideal start to my career within sport. I am currently the Women’s coach for the community college programme and also learning mentor for the students in the college. This role is perfect for me as I have been in the shoes of the students and know what it takes to succeed on the course.

What is your most memorable moment in coaching?

Being able to work through my coaching badges and gain my UEFA B licence at such a young age has been a real privilege for me and something which I am grateful to the Foundation for providing me with the opportunities to continue my coaching development.

What’s it like coaching and inspiring the next generation of female coaches and players?

It’s brilliant to be able to work with the girls both on the pitch to improve their football development, but also help them push themselves personally off the pitch and academically in the classroom. After seeing my progression through the Foundation, I am keen to inspire the girls to pursue their career aspirations within sport and reach their full potential on and off the pitch!

What are your next steps/goals?

In terms of next steps, I’m currently undertaking my Level 3 PT qualification to expand my knowledge within the S+C sector so this can aid my coaching when working within football and I am hoping to continue my coaching in 11-a-side elite settings. I’m optimistic that if I can continue to develop my coaching and work-based skills, I will be able to continue pushing my career within the sports industry.