A look back at our NCS Summer Programme

The NCS team have worked tirelessly in order to adapt their delivery to remain safe and give the young people of Sheffield Something to do this summer. A total of 49 young people participated in the Keep Doing Good Programme taking part in delivering nearly 2,000 hours of social action in just 4 weeks! A great achievement by everyone involved.

The social action projects included raising awareness around local homelessness for the Cathedral Archer Project, raising money for Sheffield Children Hospital Charity by walking a marathon and renovating a garden for Roundabout Youth Housing so that the service users have a nice outdoor space to enjoy. All of these projects are nothing short of amazing and the achievements of the young people are remarkable, producing all that they have in such a short space of time.

Gareth Beer, Wave Leader: “I couldn’t be prouder of the young people and staff who have put in so much effort this Summer, especially under the current circumstances.

“This Summer definitely brought about its own challenges, but it was lovely to see so many young people keen to help get Sheffield back on its feet by giving up their time and energy to help those that truly need it. I can’t think of a time when groups have come together and gelled so quickly, and at the same time been so focused on making a difference.

“Each of the projects delivered has meant so much to the charities and having spoken to them all since, they couldn’t be happier with the efforts put in by each of the teams. It has been a great reminder that even in difficult times, there’s always some good that can come out of it.”