A look back at our NCS Autumn Programme

Off the back of a successful Summer delivering their ‘Keep Doing Good Programme’, our NCS Team have carried on their excellent work by delivering their Autumn Programme with our Education students. A total of 73 young people took part in various activities and workshops, giving them important skills as they move on in life. They also delivered a number of social action projects, helping out four local charities and giving up nearly 1000 hours of their time to do so.

The projects included putting together food parcels for Cathedral Archer Project so that they could hand them out to homeless people in Sheffield and raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity and Weston Park Cancer Charity by taking part in sponsored 10k walks. All of the charities we’re so grateful for the efforts put in by the young people, and it was amazing to see how much each person achieved in such a short space of time through their projects. They should all be very proud of themselves.

 We’re currently in the process of planning our final Autumn Wave, which will take place in the October half-term and we’ll be looking to carry on making a difference in Sheffield by planning more social action projects with the young people who take part.

We are also starting to meet with our Local Action Group, which comprises of the young people who took part in our Keep Doing Good Programme this Summer, as well as our current grads. To increase the amount of good work we can do with this group within the city, we will also be working together with both Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme and Element Society to bring all of our young people together. They will all be planning their own social action projects over the coming months and carry on the amazing work they did this Summer.

Aside from these, we will also be delivering School Support Sessions within our local schools, helping the young people adjust to life back in school and preparing them for their next steps in life. We’re currently in the process of speaking to the schools and arranging these sessions, but it’s an exciting time for us as a team to be able to help out our local schools and have a positive impact to their students, in a different way than normal.

Are you 16-18 and would like to take part in our Autumn NCS programme over half-term? Sign up here!

For more details please contact: adam.ledger@sufc-community.co.uk