2020/2021 Impact Report

Sheffield United Community Foundation have released our Impact Report for 2020/2021. The report highlights the delivery and impact the Foundation has made across our 20 dedicated projects.

Chris Bailey, Head of Foundation said, “I am delighted to share some of the inspiring stories that focus on the positive changes people have made to their lives, through Sheffield United Community Foundation.

From working within the boundaries of lockdown in the early part of the year, to re-introducing face to face sessions in the summer, it has been amazing to see our engagement return to pre-pandemic levels, not only by welcoming back long-term participants, but by expanding our delivery, and engaging individuals for the very first time.

Throughout the year, we remained committed to our vision of “a healthy, empowered and inclusive community” in Sheffield, and continue to expand our activities to “tackle inequalities and provide opportunities.”

Our staff have remained flexible and have shown great determination to keep activities running throughout the various challenges during the year, and this report shows how much has been achieved by both our extraordinary employees, and our incredible participants.

I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all of you who engaged with us throughout the year. We are truly grateful for your commitment, and hope that you continue to enjoy your journey with the Foundation moving forward.

Naturally, our work would not be possible without the support of others. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our amazing Board of Trustees, our ever-supportive colleagues at Sheffield United Football Club and our fantastic local and national programme partners for their ongoing Support.

I look forward to developing our community outreach work throughout 2022 as we work towards our new community strategy, which we can’t wait to share with you all.

If 2020-2021 has shown us anything, it is that regardless of the challenges we face, or the success we celebrate, if we share these with each other, not only will we be supported, we will become truly UNITED.”

You can read our Impact Report by clicking here.

For any further information or to find out how you or your organisation can support the charitable arm of Sheffield United Football Club, please contact enquiries@sufc-community.co.uk