Enrichment Pathways

Football Development Pathway

The Football Development Pathway provides committed male and female footballers the opportunity to further develop their footballing ability whilst studying for a career in the sport and football industry. The programme provides three training sessions per week in addition to a competitive fixture in which students will represent Sheffield United Community College at a regional and national level in NFYL & CEFA league and cup competitions.

The college caters for players at all ability levels with a bespoke player development pathway which accommodates players at recreational, performance or sub-elite level. The college provides opportunities for players to either participate for enjoyment and personal fitness, or to engage in competitive play with opportunities and exposure to advance onto higher levels within football. The Foundation’s status and reputation has helped establish connections / links with grassroots, semi-professional, and professional football clubs at local, national, and international levels.

Our college sites provide state of the art 4G training facilities where the extensive training and games programmes take place. The programme takes a holistic approach to developing players, offering a training experience that supports their technical, tactical, physical, and psycho-social development, aligning with the FA’s 4 corner model. The programme is delivered by UEFA-qualified coaches and is supplemented by an extensive support team including; physiotherapist, GK coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and performance analysts.

Once the season concludes, students who select this pathway will have the opportunity to obtain additional coaching qualifications in the form of FA and leadership awards.

Fitness Pathway

This enrichment pathway is designed for those who want to develop their understanding around fitness training, improve their own physical fitness or for those who wish to pursue a career within the fitness, health or leisure industry. Students enrolled in this program will engage in daily fitness sessions, which encompass a range of activities such as weightlifting, running (both speed and endurance training), Cross-fit, testing, and group or individual fitness classes. They will also gain an understanding of training principles and how to apply them in designing effective programmes and sessions. As part of their practical experience, students will test and apply these training methods on themselves, peers or a variety of carefully selected clients.

Additionally, students will receive education on nutrition, recovery techniques, wellbeing, and lifestyle strategies to optimise health and/or performance, both for themselves and potential clients. Students who select the Fitness Pathway will have the chance to initiate their professional career in the fitness and leisure industry by successfully obtaining a range of relevant qualifications, which include:

• Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing.

• Active IQ Level 1 Health and Wellbeing

• Active IQ Level 2 in Understanding Nutrition, Performance and Healthy Eating

• Active IQ Level 2 Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning

• Active IQ Level 2 Mental Health First aid

Esports Pathway

The Esports pathway offers students a chance to participate in competitive online gaming through a variety of digital media platforms. Esports is an engaging team-based activity that appeals to a diverse range of young individuals. When practised in moderation and as part of a well-rounded lifestyle, Esports serves as a beneficial alternative to passive media consumption, such as watching television or scrolling through social media. Moreover, it has strong connections to computing education, STEM subjects, and the cultivation of business and entrepreneurial skills.

As part of this pathway, students will represent the college in the British Esports Championship, competing against teams from across the country. This exciting opportunity is for a variety of different team games including; Fortnight, Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, League of Legends and FIFA. Over the past two years, established teams have had the opportunity to travel around the country playing in a variety of live or streamed competitive fixtures. Our aim is to form a formidable but fun group dynamic, ready to challenge all teams across the country.

Our flexible three-day timetable allows for training (scrimmaging) on the games between the morning lesson and the afternoon, maximising your practise time with teammates in preparation for the events ahead. Scrimmaging involves playing matches against other pro teams. They will often create certain scenarios and work on specific skills and strategies. During these sessions, coaches study the game footage and make a detailed assessment of what is and isn’t working. Once the scrimmage session is over, players will meet with coaches to review footage, and come up with new strategies and ways the player and/or team can improve.

In addition to competitive gaming, students will get the opportunity to plan and lead tournaments, design and develop games, get involved with digital marketing and production, as well as utilise a wide range of IT software, application and tools. Included as part of this enrichment pathway students will have the opportunity to undertake additional qualifications in IT, leadership, and Digital marketing.